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(Hartford,OH 8-1-99)
 Donnie Moran of Dresden,OH chalked up his seventh STARS National DirtCar
Racing League sanctioned victory of the season Sunday leading all but the
first lap of the $5,000 to win "Sharon 40" at Sharon Speedway in
Hartford,OH. Driving the McCullough Industries/Eddie's Sunoco/MasterSbilt
Chassis/Fisher Motorsports Engines No. 99 Moran Racing Pontiac Grand Prix,
Moran grabbed the lead from Todd Andrews on lap two and never looked back
in collecting his 67the career STARS victory. Andrews held on for second
with 11th starting Gary Stuhler third followed by Dick Barton and Mike
Balzano. Rounding out the top ten finisher's were John Flinner, Rick
Aukland, Ron Davies, R.J. Conley and Lynn Geisler.

 At the drop of the green flag Andrews bolted into the lead from his pole
starting spot to lead lap 1 with Moran, Barton, Flinner and Davies
trailing. Moran quickly ran down Andrews sweeping past the early race
leader on the outside of turn three to lead lap 2. Moran opened up a very
healthy advantage as Balzano cracked the top five on lap 4 moving Davies
back to sixth. Moran continued to open ground on Andrews enjoying a nearly
2.5 second lead by lap 10. As Moran tried to lap Dale Applebee in turn one
on lap 11 contact was made sending Moran nearly sideways but Moran regained
control of his car but allowed Andrews to close within three car lengths.
Thomas Ware hopped the cushion in turn three on lap 12 smacking the outside
wall to bring out the races first caution. With two lapped car's seperating
Moran from Andrews for the restart, the field took the green but the yellow
was quickly back out as Steve Shaver slowed to a stop in turn one. Once the
green replace the yellow Moran nearly ran away and hid again opening up a
2.5 second margin over Andrews. Balzano continued to work his way forward
shuffling past Flinner for fourth on lap 15 with Stuhler now up to seventh.

 A grinding crash in turn three on lap 19 slowed the action again as
contact between Rob Blair and Aaron Scott sent Scott sliding up the track
backwards where he collected Shaver, Bruce Hordusky and Bryan Durig. Shaver
slammed driver's side first into the outside wall nearly flipping his mount
with extensive damage done to the car's of Scott and Durig while Shaver's
car was a virtual write-off. Hordusky returned to the race after making
repair's but fell from the action just a few lap's later. No one was
injured in the high speed crash.

 After the lengthy yellow, Moran simply ran away on the restart enjoying a
nearly 3 second lead by lap 26. Stuhler started to make his move forward
grabbing fifth from Flinner on lap 27 and then fourth from Balzano on lap
30. Two lap's later Stuhler was in third moving Barton back to fourth. As
the lap's continued Moran saw his lead whittled a bit as he raced through
lapped traffic. Andrews closed to within one second with ten lap's to go
but soon had to worry about Stuhler. However, Moran and Andrews cleared
lapped traffic as Stuhler fell nearly one second behind Andrews with Moran
again stretching out his lead to 2 seconds with five lap's to go. Moran
took the checkered flag with a 1.5 second margin over victory over Andrews.

 Chub Frank was scheduled to start sixth in the main event but a broken oil
pump during the ISKY RACING CAMS dash forced Frank to use a back-up car
from Mike Balzano. With the switch to the back-up car Frank had to start on
the rear of the field according to STARS rules and raced through the field
to place 11th. The $22,000 event drew 32 driver's to Ed Skillman's
semi-banked 1/2 mile. Moran topped the field in time trials with a quick
lap of 18.815 seconds. BORLA EXHAUST heat race winner's were Geisler,
Davies and Andrews. For the fourth consecutive race the SCOTT PERFORMANCE
WIRE heat race bonus went unclaimed. Andrews topped the ISKY RACING CAMS
dash while Tony Lombardi scored the PRO SHOCKS "B" Main. Lombardi, who
finished the race in 17th position, was light at the scales after the race
moving him to 24th position.

STARS National DirtCar Racing League Race Report (for 8-1-99)
Race No. 22-1999 Season-"Sharon 40"
Sharon Speedway-Hartford,OH-1/2 Mile Oval
$22,000 Purse-$5,000 To Win-40 Lap Feature

(Showing Finish Pos.,Start Pos.,Car #,Driver,Laps,Purse,Reason Out)

1. (2) #99 Donnie Moran 40 $5,080 Running
2. (1) #42 Todd Andrews 40 $2,600 Running
3. (11) #19 Gary Stuhler 40 $1,500 Running
4. (3) #28B Dick Barton 40 $1,060 Running
5. (9) #E1 Mike Balzano 40 $900 Running
6. (4) #93X John Flinner 40 $$900 Running
7. (8) #12A Rick Aukland 40 $800 Running
8. (7) #V2 Ron Davies 40 $750 Running
9. (10) #71C R.J. Conley 40 $700 Running
10. (6) #1C Lynn Geisler 40 $650 Running
11. (24) #1* Chub Frank 40 $635 Running
12. (13) #61 Dan Armbruster 40 $550 Running
13. (15) #32L Greg Lucas 39 $500 Running
14. (20) #3S David Scott 39 $500 Running
15. (19) #M1 Mickey Wright 39 $450 Running
16. (21) #21 George Lee II 39 $400 Running
17. (14) # 3 Bruce Horduskly 24 $300 Steering
18. (5) #W11 Rob Blair 19 $340 Handling
19. (16) #33 Aaron Scott 19 $300 Accident
20. (22) #30 Steve Shaver 19 $350 Accident
21. (23) #80 Bryan Durig 18 $350 Accident
22. (12) #W7 Thomas Ware 12 $300 Accident
23. (17) #66A Dale Applebee 12 $300 Handling
24. (18) #02 Tony Lombardi 39 $350 Running (Light at Scales)

TIME OF RACE: 33 Mins.
YELLOW FLAGS: Three-Laps 12,12 (RS),19
OUTERWEARS CO. "Hard Charger of the Race": Frank
FAST QUALIFIER: Moran 18.815 secs.
BORLA EXHAUST Heat Race Winners: Geisler,Davies,Andrews
SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE Heat Race Bonus Winner: None
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash Winner: Andrews
PRO SHOCKS "B" Main Winner: Lombardi


Qualifying: 1)#99 Donnie Moran 18.815; 2)#93X John Flinner 18.879; 3)#1*
Chub Frank 18.897; 4)#28B Dick Barton 19.147; 5)#W11 Rob Blair 19.167;
6)#42 Todd Andrews 19.185; 7)#32L Greg Lucas 19.247; 8)#12A Rick Aukland
19.290; 9)#T8 Mark Banal 19.322; 10)#1C Lynn Geisler 19.471; 11)#V2 Ron
Davies 19.544; 12)#96F Keith Berner 19.623; 13)#71C R.J. Conley 19.740;
14)#19 Gary Stuhler 19.756; 15)#E1 Mike Balzano 19.758; 16)#30 Steve Shaver
19.781; 17)#33 Aaron Scott 19.815; 18)#3 Bruce Hordusky 19.916; 19)#M1
Mickey Wright 19.926; 20)#3S David Scott 20.061; 21)#W7 Thomas Ware 20.085;
22)#61 Dan Armbruster 20.216; 23)#75 Dale Fuller 20.463; 24)#66A Dale
Applebee 20.542; 25)#80 Bryan Durig 20.556; 26)#07R Brent Rhebergen 20.659;
27)#12 Chad Hina 20.922; 28)#21 George Lee II 21.088; 29)#02 Tony Lombardi
21.162; 30)#44 John Buzzard 21.519; 31)#3H Steve Hollabaugh 21.553; 32)#71
Chuck Stienle Jr. 21.579

BORLA EXHAUST Heat #1: Geisler,Moran,Conley,Barton,Armbruster,
Lucas,Shaver,Wright,Lee II,Durig,Hollabaugh (Top 6 advance to feature)
Aukland,Stuhler,Blair,Flinner,A. Scott,Lombardi,Rhebergen,D. Scott,
Fuller,Stienle Jr. (Top 6 advance to feature)
BORLA EXHAUST Heat #3: Andrews,Balzano,Frank,Ware,Hordusky,
Applebee,Buzzard,Hina,Banal,Berner (Top 6 advance to feature)
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash: Andrews,Moran,Barton,Flinner,Blair,Frank
(Finish determines first three rows of feature)
PRO SHOCKS "B" Main: Lombardi,Wright,D. Scott,Lee II,Fuller,Hina,
Buzzard,Durig,Hollabaugh,Stienle Jr.,Rhebergen,Shaver,NS-Banal,Berner
(Top 4 advance to feature)