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HAT Results

July 31, 1999


 CALVERT CITY, KY - Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN picked up his 66th
career-leading United Dirt Track Racing Association Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing
Series victory Saturday night at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.

For the 24 drivers in the 100-lap main event, it wasn't a question of if the
track would lock down with a black rubber groove, but when, as the 3/8-mile
clay oval baked in afternoon temperatures well over 100 degrees.

Bloomquist led 91 of 100 laps to earn the $15,000 top prize with his fourth
Hav-A-Tampa win of the 1999 season in the Miller Brothers Coal
Warrior/Mustang.  Steve Francis of Ashland, KY led the first nine laps of
the race in his Action Auto Mart Rocket/Monte Carlo, and closed on
Bloomquist in the final laps, but had to settle for second spot.

UDTRA and Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway officials decided to hold off the
start of the night's racing activities until the hot sun began to set and
the high air temperatures begin to fall.  The wait gave race fans and the
Speedvision cameras an exciting show for the first 50 laps of the event, but
left drivers and crews guessing on tire selections.

"Keith and Dwight Greer did a great job in preparing this race track because
with as hot as it was today, you expect the track to lock down," Bloomquist
said in the winner's circle.  "But they gave us a great race track for the
first half.  The track finally did lock down in the second half, but we were
able to get out front and cover the bottom of the track."

Francis ran the bottom groove for most of the race, and closed on Bloomquist
in the final laps as they worked lapped traffic.  On the last lap, Francis
tried to make an outside move for the win, but his car pushed up the banking
in turn two, and almost hit the wall.  Francis was able to recover and
finish second.

Wendell Wallace of Batesville, AR finished third in his Monday Trucking
GRT/Monte Carlo and closed to within seven points of HAT point leader Dale
McDowell of Rossville, GA, who finished sixth in his Dover Cylinder Heads
GRT/Monte Carlo.  Wallace best summed up the evening.

"We were able to race all over the place for the first half of the race,"
Wallace said.  "But once the track took rubber and locked down, all we could
do was just hang on."

Rick Aukland of Fargo, ND brought the 10-10-220 Mastersbilt/Grand Prix home
in the fourth spot, with local favorite Terry English of Benton, KY rounding
out the top five in his AAA Fence Rayburn/Monte Carlo.

Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC journeyed from the 22nd starting spot to finish
seventh in the Youngblood Concrete GRT/Mustang.  Eighth spot went to Rick
Eckert of York, PA in the Raye Vest Rocket/Grand Prix.  Shannon Babb of
Decatur, IL finished ninth in the 10-10-220 Rayburn/Monte Carlo, and Skip
Arp of Georgetown, TN finished tenth in the Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte

Francis grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag from the pole
position followed by Arp, Bloomquist, Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL,
and McDowell, as the leaders raced three-wide.  Bloomquist, who started
fourth, passed Arp for second on lap three, bringing Pearson with him.  Babb
found the high groove to his liking, as he passed Arp for fourth on lap 7.

Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR was on the move early in the race taking the
seventh spot on lap 8 after starting 11th.  Moyer's charge was slowed with a
spin in turn two on lap 9.  On the restart, Bloomquist challenged Francis
for the lead, and took over the top spot on lap 10.

By lap 12, Wallace powered under Babb for the fourth spot, and he began to
close on Pearson.  The caution flag was brought out on lap 21 when Pearson
stalled in turn four with an overheating engine.  That moved Wallace up to
third spot behind Bloomquist and Francis for the restart.  Aukland and Brian
Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA had also moved into the top five.

Lap 34 saw Wallace move by Francis for second, and on the 38th lap, Moyer
was back up to seventh and on the move.  Birkhofer stalled in turn four on
lap 39 to bring out the caution flag, and on the restart, Babb moved back
into fourth passing Aukland for the position.

Bloomquist had set himself into a groove on the inside by lap 45, keeping
his car straight on the developing black groove on the bottom of the track.
Moyer could see the multi-groove racing surface dwindling away quickly, as
he tried to work his way to the front.  Moyer made it to the third spot by
passing Aukland and Babb on lap 48, and then taking Wallace on lap 49.

At the halfway point, it was obvious the track had locked down, as the black
rubber groove on the inside of the track gave the cars maximum traction.
Babb kept trying to run the outside, but lost several positions doing so, as
drivers hurried to the bottom and fastest groove on the race track.

Bloomquist had pulled out to a half-straightaway lead by the 80 lap mark, as
Wallace and Moyer battled for second.  Moyer's spectacular run to the front
after the early spin came to an end on lap 84 when a flat right-rear tire
sent the 1997 HAT Champion to the pits.

After the caution flag for Moyer, the race went green the rest of the way.
Bloomquist refused to leave the bottom groove, even in lapped traffic.
During the final laps, Bloomquist rode behind Bill Frye of Greenbrier, AR.
This enabled Francis to close in on the defending and three-time HAT
Champion in the closing laps.

"When we came up on Bill Frye at the end of the race, I just slowed down and
covered the bottom of the track," Bloomquist said. "I didn't think there was
anything left on the outside, and as it turned out there wasn't."

In preliminary HAT action, Dan Schlieper of Pewaukee, WI won the 12-lap Pace
American Trailers 1st 12-lap Consolation Race.  John Gill of Mitchell, IN
won the 12-lap Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race.

The HAT series travels next to LaSalle, IL on Tuesday night for a 75-lap
$10,000-to-win event at LaSalle Speedway.  Then it's on to New Richmond, WI
for the $40,000-to-win 100-lap USA Nationals at Cedar lake Speedway on
Friday and Saturday night.

For the latest news, information, event schedule, television schedule,
points, statistics, track and driver information, visit the Official Web
Site for the UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series at


1. 4 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN  Ford 100 $15,750
2. 1 15 Steve Francis  Ashland, KY  Chev. 100 $9,000
3. 8 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR  Chev. 100 $5,500
4. 9 99c Rick Aukland  Fargo, ND  Pont. 100 $3,500
5. 19 96 Terry English  Benton, KY  Chev. 100 $3,000
6. 5 17m Dale McDowell  Rossville, GA  Chev. 100 $3,250
7. 22 53 Ray Cook  Brasstown, NC  Ford 100 $3,000
8. 13 24 Rick Eckert  York, PA  Pont. 100 $2,750
9. 3 18 Shannon Babb  Decatur, IL  Chev. 100 $2,000
10. 2 31 Skip Arp  Georgetown, TN  Chev. 100 $2,250
11. 6 00 Freddy Smith  Knoxville, TN  Chev. 100 $2,000
12. 14 11 Clint Smith  Griffin, GA  Chev. 100 $1,300
13. 17 s9 Dan Schlieper  Pewaukee, WI  Chev. 100 $1,850
14. 15 66 Bill Frye  Greenbrier, AR  Pont. 100 $1,600
15. 24 1 Vic Hill   Knoxville, TN  Chev. 99 $1,000
16. 18 75 John Gill  Mitchell, IN  Chev. 99 $975
17. 23 32 Brandon Ball (R) West Plains, MO Pont. 98 $950
18. 11 21 Billy Moyer  Batesville, AR  Pont. 83 $925
19. 12 15b Brian Birkhofer  Muscatine, IA  Chev. 56 $900
20. 20 89 Marshall Green  Dalton, GA  Chev. 37 $900
21. 16 B12 Kevin Weaver  Gibson City, IL  Chev. 31 $900
22. 7 46 Earl Pearson Jr.  Jacksonville, FL  Chev. 19 $900
23. 10 32p Bob Pierce  Oakwood, IL  Chev. 15 $900
24. 21 28 Dennis Erb Jr. (R) Carpentersville, IL Chev. 15 $900

LAP LEADERS:  Francis 1-9; Bloomquist 10-100
LAPS LED:  Bloomquist 91; Francis 9
PROVISIONALS:  Ball (2) and Hill
HAV-A-TAMPA SHOOTOUT INVITEES:  Greg Johnson, Tim Brown, Bill Reed, Steve
Russell, Steve Rushin, and Alan Rettig (Promoter's Choice)

CONSOLATION RACE RESULTS (12 Laps - Top Three Finishers Transfer To The Main

Erb; 4. Gary Keeling, Paducah, KY; 5. Greg Johnson, Franklin, IN; 6. Clayton
Christenberry, Knoxville, TN; 7. Tim Brown, Calvert City, KY; 8. Bill Reed,
Knoxville, TN; 10. Alan Rettig, Sikeston, MO.

POLARIS ATVs 2ND CONSOLATION RACE:  1. Gill; 2. Green; 3. Cook; 4. Donnie
Barnhart, North Little Rock, AR; 5. Kevin Claycomb, Vincenes, IN; 6. John
Tindall, Fancy Farm, KY; 7. Ball; 8. Steve Russell, Pontotoc, MS; 9. Hill;
10. Steve Rushin, Poplar Bluff, MO; 11. Sam Patrick, Plaquemin, LA; 12.
Randy Sellars, Mayfield, KY.