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               Late Model Results


                                        July 16, 1999


 ROME, GA - Bill Frye, Dan Schlieper Freddy Smith and Scott Bloomquist took
12-lap Borla Muffler Heat Race wins Friday night to earn the top four
starting spots for Saturday night's United Dirt Track Racing Association
Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series $15,000-to-win Georgia Tool & Equipment
Rental 100 at Rome Speedway.

 Frye of Greenbrier, AR out-dueled fast qualifier Wendell Wallace of
Batesville, AR in the first heat to take the pole position for Saturday
night's main event in the UniFirst Uniforms Warrior/Grand Prix.  Wallace
took the early lead from the pole position using the inside groove, but Frye
gained the outside groove momentum on the second lap to take the lead and go
on for the win.

 Wallace, who out-timed the 48 entries with a lap around the -mile
high-banked clay oval in 13.819 seconds, settled for second spot in the
first heat, and will start his Monday Trucking GRT/Monte Carlo in the fifth
starting spot for Saturday's big show.

With his sixth HAT fast time honor this season, Wallace comes into the race
just 13 points behind Hav-A-Tampa point leader Dale McDowell of Rossville,

 Second quick qualifier Schlieper of Pewaukee, WI debuted a brand new
Performance Roofing Systems Rayburn/Monte Carlo, and dominated the second
heat to earn an outside front row starting spot for the 100 lapper.
Schlieper posted his first win of the season last Sunday night in Haubstadt,

 Smith of Knoxville, TN won a hard-fought duel with the third fastest
qualifier Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC to win the third heat in the
Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte Carlo.  The 1996 HAT Champion
will start on the inside of row two for Saturday night's big show.

 Bloomquist, the defending and three-time HAT Champion of Mooresburg, TN,
drove his Miller Brothers Coal Warrior/Mustang to victory in the fourth
heat.  Bloomquist will start Saturday night's big show from the outside of
the second row.

The second-place drivers in the four Borla Muffler Heat Races will start in
the third and fourth rows for the Georgia Tool & Equipment Rental 100.

Skip Arp of Georgetown, TN finished second in the second heat, and will
start his Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte Carlo along side Wallace in the third
row on Saturday night.  Cook will start his Youngblood Concrete GRT/Mustang
on the inside of row four, with McDowell on the outside in his Dover
Cylinder Heads GRT/Monte Carlo.

The fifth and sixth rows of Saturday night's main event will be the
third-place heat race drivers.  Steve Francis of Ashland, KY will start on
the inside of row five, with Terry English of Benton, KY along side.  Steve
Smith of Powell, TN will start on the inside of the sixth row, and Rick
Eckert of York, PA debuts a new Rocket/Grand Prix from the outside of the
sixth row.

Rows seven and eight of Saturday night's big show will be made up with the
fourth-place drivers in Friday night's heat races.  Clayton Christenberry of
Knoxville, TN and 1999 HAT Rookie of the Year point leader Dennis Erb Jr. of
Carpentersville, IL are in row seven, and the eighth row will see Frank
Ingram of Acworth, GA and Marshall Green of Dalton, GA.

Starting positions 17 through 22 will come from the top three finishers in
Saturday night's 12-lap Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race and the
12-lap Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race.  On Saturday, the pit gate opens
at 2 p.m., with the front gate opening at 5 p.m.  There will be a
Hav-A-Tampa Drivers Autograph Session from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Hot laps are scheduled to get underway at 7:30 p.m.  The Rome Speedway
Sportsman, Bomber, Super Bomber, and Cruiser Divisions will also be in
action on Saturday night.  Rome Speedway is located four miles east of Rome,
GA just off U.S. Highway 411.  The race day information line is (706)

For the latest news, information, event schedule, television schedule,
points, statistics, track and driver information, visit the Official Web
Site for the UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series at



1 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR GRT Monte Carlo 13.819
2 S9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI Rayburn Monte Carlo 13.871
3 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC GRT Mustang 13.89
4 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Warrior Mustang 13.901
5 66 Bill Frye Greenbrier, AR Warrior Grand Prix 13.979
6 31 Skip Arp Georgetown, TN GRT Monte Carlo 14.004
7 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 14.057
8 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Mastersbilt Monte Carlo 14.088
9 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Rocket Monte Carlo 14.088
10 96e Terry English Benton, KY Rayburn Monte Carlo 14.18
11 46 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Warrior Monte Carlo 14.19
12 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Rocket Grand Prix 14.205
13 8 David Payne Murphy, NC GRT Monte Carlo 14.215
14 18 Brandon Kinzer Allen, KY Warrior Taurus 14.312
15 3 Steve Smith Powell, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 14.34
16 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.386
17 CV3 Clayton Christenberry Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 14.414
18 28 Dennis Erb Carpentersville, ILL Rayburn Monte Carlo 14.418
19 9 Frank Ingram Acworth, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.471
20 89 Marshall Green Dalton, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.473
21 11s Clint Smith Griffin, GA Swartz Monte Carlo 14.488
22 87 Rex Richey Ringgold, GA Rayburn Monte Carlo 14.53
23 32 Brandon Ball West Plains, MO GRT Grand Prix 14.538
24 5k Greg Knight Cumming, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.579
25 66k Wade Knowles Tyrone, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.611
26 17w Ricky Williams Fayetteville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.616
27 87r Derrick Rainey Powder Sprgs, GA MasterSbilt Grand Prix 14.66
28 3 James Cline Oxford, AL Stinger Monte Carlo 14.669
29 55 Terrance Nowell Phenix City, AL Barry Wright Monte Carlo 14.703
30 1pc Phil Coltrane Canton, GA Stinger Mustang 14.761
31 11bs Bo Shirley Gadsden, AL Stinger Monte Carlo 14.79
32 84b Roger Best Maryville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 14.818
33 24g Buster Goss Rome, GA Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 14.835
34 56 Marvin Cagle Fayetteville, TN Warrior Grand Prix 14.853
35 14 Derrick Laney Ft. Payne, AL GRT Mustang 14.925
36 4 Vernon Smith Rome, GA GRT Monte Carlo 15.098
37 17L Lamar Haygood Douglasville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 15.122
38 8r Ronnie Payne Murphy, NC GRT Monte Carlo 15.143
39 21 Sandy Goddard Knoxville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 15.189
40 6 Sam Patrick Plaquemin, LA Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 15.208
41 44 Curtis Cline Douglasville, GA Smoky Joe Monte Carlo 15.219
42 4x Jason Smith Rome, GA Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 15.259
43 15m Marty Massey Winston, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 15.344
44 24c K.C. Carpenter Adairsville, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 15.43
45 12 Jeffery Sanborn Shelbyville, TN Warrior Daytona 15.467
46 11p Leland Prewitt Savannah, GA Barry Wright Monte Carlo 15.926
47 81 Grainger Howell Kingston, GA Rocket Monte Carlo NT-WT
48 49 Jeff Walker McMinnville, TN GRT Monte Carlo NT

BORLA MUFFLER 12-LAP HEAT RACES (Top Four Finishers Transfer To The Main

 1ST HEAT:  1. Frye; 2. Wallace; 3. Francis; 4. Christenberry; 5. Knowles;
6. Nowell; 7. Goss; 8. Sanborn; 9. Haygood; 10. C. Cline; 11. D. Payne.

 2ND HEAT:  1. Schlieper; 2. Arp; 3. English; 4. Erb; 5. Williams; 6.
Richey; 7. Coltrane; 8. Cagle; 9. R. Payne; 10. J. Smith; 11. Kinzer; 12.

 3RD HEAT:  1. F. Smith; 2. Cook; 3. S. Smith; 4. Ingram; 5. Shirley; 6.
Rainey; 7. Goddard; 8. Miner; 9. Laney; 10. Pearson; 11. Ball.

 4TH HEAT:  1. Bloomquist; 2. McDowell; 3. Eckert; 4. Green; 5. Knight; 6.
Best; 7. C. Smith; 8. J. Cline; 9. V. Smith; 10. Birkhofer; 11. Patrick.


ROW 1:
66 - Bill Frye, Greenbrier, AR, Uni-First Uniforms Warrior/Grand Prix
s9 - Dan Schlieper, Pewaukee, WI, Performance Roofing Systems Rayburn/Monte
ROW 2:
00 - Freddy Smith, Knoxville, TN, Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte
0 - Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN, Miller Brothers Coal Warrior/Mustang
ROW 3:
6m - Wendell Wallace, Batesville, AR, Monday Trucking GRT/Monte Carlo
31 - Skip Arp, Curtis Equipment GRT Monte Carlo
ROW 4:
53 - Ray Cook, Brasstown, NC, Youngblood Concrete GRT/Mustang
17m - Dale McDowell, Rossville, GA, GRT/Monte Carlo
ROW 5:
15 - Steve Francis, Ashland, KY, Action Auto Mart Rocket/Monte Carlo
96 - Terry English, Benton, KY, AAA Fence Rayburn/Monte Carlo
ROW 6:
3s - Steve Smith, Powell, TN, Eddie's Body Shop Warrior/Monte Carlo
24 - Rick Eckert, York, PA, Raye Vest Rocket/Grand Prix
ROW 7:
CV3 - Clayton Christenberry, Knoxville, TN, Christenberry Trucking and Farms
GRT/Monte Carlo
28 - Dennis Erb Jr. (R), Carpentersville, IL, Sponsor Needed Rayburn/Monte
ROW 8:
9 - Frank Ingram, Acworth, GA, Scott Darnel Grading Warrior/Monte Carlo
89 - Marshall Green, Dalton, GA, Hatfield Racing Engines Warrior/Monte Carlo
ROW 9:
Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race Winner
Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race Winner
ROW 10:
Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race Runner-Up
Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race Runner-Up
ROW 11:
Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race Third Place Finisher
Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race Third Place Finisher
ROW 12:
HAT Provisional
HAT Provisional


66k Wade Knowles - 11 Bo Shirley
55 Terrence Nowell - 87 Derrick Rainey
24 Buster Goss - 21 Sandy Goddard
12 Jeffrey Sanborn - 15 Marty Massey
17 Lamar Haygood - 14 Derrick Laney
44 Curtis Cline - 46 Earl Pearson Jr.
8 David Payne - 32 Brandon Ball (R)
81 Granger Howell

17w Ricky Williams - 5 Greg Knight
87 Rex Richey - 84 Roger Best
P1 Phil Coltrane - 11 Clint Smith
56 Marvin Cagle - 3 James Cline
8 Ronnie Payne - 4 Vernon Smith
4x Jason Smith - 15b Brian Birkhofer
18 Brandon Kinzer (R) - 6 Sam Patrick
11 Leland Prewitt - 24 K.C. Carpenter
49 Jeff Walker

R - Denotes Rookie of the Year Candidate