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Interstate 79 Speedway

    by Dixie Phillips

Burrows Wins Semi Special

 The semi lates were in the spotlight at Interstate 79 Speedway on
Friday evening as they ran the $600 to win Roy's Travel Trailer Semi
Late Special.  Rick Burrows won the fast dash therefore earning the pole
position for the 25 lap event.  The Clarksburg, WV, driver ran a steady
pace with a few challenges from second place finisher and the division
points leader, Rick Strickler.    Burrows held off Strickler for his
first win of the year.  Strickler was second followed by Mark McGill,
Tim Senic, and Sonny Conley.  Heat races were won by Roy Gibson and
Scott Chenoweth.   Strickler had set fast time earlier in the evening
with a 16.246 lap besting the 18 cars in attendance.

 Nolan Dalton had his hands full in the Shinnston Plumbing late model
feature after he started from the outside pole and took the lead at the
green.  Butch McGill was all over Dalton lap after lap trying to make
the pass.  McGill could not take advantage of any mistakes by Dalton
because Dalton made none.  The win marked the sixth time that Dalton has been in the winner's circle this season.  McGill was a very close second with Frank Wilson, Sr., Robbie Scott, and Chuck Harper rounding out the top five.  Sixth through tenth went to Denny Chamberlain, Doug Horton,Gary Dalton, Gary Tonkery, and Ron Slavic.   Heat races were won by Frank Wilson, Jr., N. Dalton, and Harper.

 In other action, Shawn Davis picked up his 4th win of the year as he
outlasted Vic Vandergrift, Ron Parrish, Dave Defibaugh, and Louie
Krushansky.   Davis, Sonny Stutler, and Vandergrift were heat winners.

 Jim Byers made a last lap pass on Jeff Kesling to win his 4th pure
stock feature this season.  The two drivers are also in a points battle
with Byers holding a slight advantage over Kesling at this time.  Ron
Howard, Jon Wamsley, and Gary Britton crossed the line in third through
fifth.  Kesling, Gary Yost, and Wamsley won the prelims.

 The 4 cylinder story is the same for the tenth time this year.  Mike
Simpson is the winner.  Jeff Pennington won the heat race and finished
in second spot followed by Sonny Crayton, Bruce Satterfield and Tom

 Next Friday, August 6, racing in all five divisions plus a "Candy Rush"
for the kids will be sponsored by the FBI.  Plan to attend an evening of
racing activities at I-79 Speedway located at Exit 125
(Shinnston/Saltwell Exit), just north of Clarksburg, WV.


    NOLAN DALTON, Butch McGill, Frank Wilson, Sr., Robbie Scott, Chuck
Harper, Denny Chamberlain, Doug Horton, Gary Dalton, Gary Tonkery, Ron Slavic, Frank Wilson, Jr.,  Danny Hamrick,  L C Powers, Duke Pratt, Mack Haessley, Chad McDougal, Jim Pyles       DNS - Scott Miles
 HEATS - F. Wilson, Jr.,  N. Dalton,  C. Harper

     RICK BURROWS,  Rick Strickler, Mark McGill, Tim Senic, Sonny
Conley, Scott Chenoweth, Josh Adams, Birch Hare, Duane Moreland, Jon
Messenger, Brian Tonkery,  Stanley Sponer, Roy Gibson, Darrell
Whitehair, Doug Sankbeil,  Ron Wiles, Skip Hare          DNS - Shaun
Poling and Don Conley
 HEATS - R. Gibson, S. Chenoweth      DASH- R. Burrows

       SHAWN DAVIS,  Vic Vandergrift,  Ron Parrish, Dave Defibaugh,
Louie Krushansky, Kenny Rogers, Sonny Stutler, Jerry Teter, Robbie
Michael, Dana McIntyre, Ed Reed, Rick Smith, Doug Thompson, Ray Johnson,
Delmas Whiteman, Jimmy McCloud, Jerry Garrett, Ray Perkins, Mark
Baylor     DNS - Tom Singleton
 HEATS - S. Davis, S. Stutler, V. Vandergrift

     JIM BYERS, Jeff Kesling, Ron Howard, Jon Wamsley, Gary Britton,
Paul Watson, Chuck Bloom, Gary Yost, Frankie Buzzo, William Shoemaker,
Pat Frazier, Jay Martin, Troy Frazier, Mike Frazier, Gary Frazier, Dave
Tonkery, Danny Staggers, Darrell Burkhammer, Roger Coffman, Ed Tenney,
Randy Bohan
 HEATS - J., Kesling, G. Yost, J. Wamsley

    MIKE SIMPSON, Jeff Pennington, Sonny Crayton, Bruce Satterfield, Tom
Simpson, D. Jay Miller,  Troy Kimbrew, Jeff Bennett, Dave
Summers          DNS - Skip Raupach