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     Cedar Lake


The IRA 410 Outlaw Sprint Cars invaded the Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday,August 21st along with the regular program of WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds and Super Stocks.

A jam packed pit area greeted fans for the previously rained out IRA Sprint
car show this past Saturday with 29 outlaw Sprints on hand along with 32 WISSOTA Late Models, 44 Modifieds and 53 Super Stocks. With the WISSOTA 100 quickly approaching, drivers from all across WISSOTA country were on hand to get dialed in for the big show coming up in September.

Qualifications were first on the agenda for the 29 IRA Sprinters that were
on hand.Donny Goeden set a blistering quick lap of 11.860 seconds only 3 tenths of a second off of Mark Kinser's Cedar Lake track record of 11.551. Goeden had an average lap speed of 113.828 miles per hour. Three heat races were run to determine the starting lineup for the feature event. Raymond Hensley, Todd Daun and Kim Mock were victorious in
their respective heats and Scott Neitzel won the b-feature.

The 25-lap Sprint feature was the first feature up and with mother nature
providing her own fire works in the sky all around the race track, the 20 car IRA Sprint feature was led to the green flag by Kim Mock and Mark Toews. Mock immediately blasted out into the lead bringing Travis Whitney with him into second. Mock was on a mission as he held a full half of a lap advantage over the entire field by lap 5. As he entered lapped traffic on
lap 8, he got a sideways in turn 1 and spun himself around in turn 2 in
front of the charging field. He kept his foot in the gas and did a complete 360 and only dropped back to second. The caution had been displayed as he was spinning around, so even though he did not stop on the track, he was sent to the tail. Whitney assumed the lead on the restart and quickly pulled out to a huge advantage over second place Goeden. The second and
final yellow of the race waved on lap 15 for debris on the track. Whitney
again shot into the lead on the restart with Goeden in tow. Scott Neitzel after winning the b-feature had worked his way up into the third spot by lap 15 and was poised and ready to challenge the leaders as the laps clipped by. Toews and Kurt Winker were putting on a show for the fans as they battled wheel to wheel for fourth. Whitney began to encountered
heavy lapped traffic with only a few circuits remaining, allowing Goeden to close in. As the white flag flew, Whitney was slowed up momentarily by several backmarkers and Goeden stuck his nose under Whitney as they raced through turns 1 and 2. Whitney was able to clear the traffic and as the 2 came out of turn 4 for the checkered, Whitney was able to hold off
Goeden for the win. Neitzel came home in third, Winker fourth and a late
race charge by Todd Daun found himself rounding out the top 5.

Super Stocks were next up with Mike Hesselink and Greg Boje pacing the
field to the start. Hesselink took the lead at the drop of the green with Jason Schill ducking under Boje for second on lap 2. Chuckie DeSmith and Dale Gangl were on the move as well as they both moved in on the leaders. Hesselink did a great job of holding down the top spot until lap 8 when Schill moved to the high side and blew by into the lead.DeSmith and
Gangl both tried the same line that had just carried Schill into the lead
and they both were successful in slipping by Hesselink into the top three. DeSmith wasted little time reeling in Schill and the two went side by side for several laps with DeSmith in the middle groove and Schill on the bottom. All this time Gangl sat in third looking for an opportunity to take
the lead. The final yellow of the event flew with 5 laps remaining and the
car that had quietly been making the most progress through the field was Doug Gustafson.He had qualified through the b-feature and was into sixth as the green flew for the final time with 5 laps remaining. Schill took the lead and was busy trying to hold off DeSmith and Gangl while Gustafson went to the top side and blasted around the cushion into the top five. He
then set his sights on the lead pack and effortlessly blew by Gangl and
DeSmith as the white flag flew. Schill had a four car length lead over the hard charging Gustafson, but Gustafson was reeling him in very quickly. As the two raced out of turn four for the final time, Schill was able to nip Gustafson as the line by a car length. DeSmith came across in third, Gangl fourth and Justin Fegers, who ran a very steady race, rounded out the top

Karl Fenske and Craig Thatcher shared the front row for the Modified main
event with Thatcher getting the jump on the field and taking command. Fenske settled into second and Ron Schreiner was up to third after starting 8th on lap # 2.Thatcher continued to lead as Schreiner moved in to pressure Fenske for second. Pat Doar and Rich Lofthus were slugging it out for fourth before Doar was able to move by and set his sights on the leaders. The lone yellow of the race flew on lap 11 for a minor spin and at that time
Doar's # 30 developed problems and he retired from the event. On the
restart, Thatcher again reassumed control, but Schreiner moved to the high line and drew alongside Fenske in a battle for second. Schreiner was able to outmuscle Fenske and take the position on lap 13. He then closed in on Thatcher and as the white flag flew, Schreiner gave it one last
chance by moving to the high side and trying to use the momentum to his
advantage. It was not enough as Thatcher went on to win with Schreiner second, Fenske third and Lofthus edged Bobby Houston for fourth.

Jerry Redetzke and Pat Doar drew the front row for the Late Model finale with Redetzke flying out into the early lead. Doar held down second, but Mark Chamernick was on the move as he was able to hug the tires and draw even with Doar for second.While the two raced side by side for second, Redetzke was able to stretch his lead to a full
straightaway. Doar was able to finally clear Chamernick for second, but no sooner did he secure second, Rick Egersdorf moved into challenge for the position. Redetzke had now checked out on the field. but Doar and Egersdorf put on a great show for second. Jim Bruggeman held down the fourth spot trying to reel in the battle for second. Further back in the pack, Mike Goodremote, Steve Laursen, John Kaanta and Ashley
Anderson were all involved in a skirmish for fifth. The pack raced three-wide for several laps with no one giving an inch. Lauren was finally able to secure the spot as Redetzke cruised to his first
CLS win of 1999 with Egersdorf coming in second, Doar in third, Bruggeman in fourth and Laursen fifth.

HEAT 1: Raymond Hensley, Joe Roe, Donny Goeden, Travis Whitney, John Sernett
HEAT 2: Todd Daun, Kurt Winker, Paul Anderson, Mark Toews, Mike Stefka
HEAT 3: Kim Mock, Bruce Oldenburg, John Haeni, Mike Reinke, Brett Geldner
B-FEATURE: Scott Neitzel, Jon Trudeau, Fred Ebler, Al Schmidt, Darrell Dodd
FEATURE: Whitney, Goeden, Neitzel, Winker, Daun, Toews, Hensley, Mock,

HEAT 1: Jim Bruggeman, Steve Laursen, Duane Mahder, Jerry Redetzke, Mike Goodremote
HEAT 2: Joel Cryderman, Pat Doar, Rick Egersdorf, Don Shaw, Porky Brust
HEAT 3: Ashley Anderson, Jeff Patchen, John Kaanta, Mark Chamernick, John Seitz
B-FEATURE: Jerry Legatt, Eric Pember, W C Field, Todd Blaeser, Mike Nutzmann
FEATURE: Redetzke, Egersdorf, Doar, Bruggeman, S. Laursen, Kaanta,
Goodremote,Mark Chamernick, Anderson, Cryderman

HEAT 1: Mike Kelley, Jr., Rich Lofthus, Dave Lear, Mark Steinke, John Kaanta
HEAT 2: Craig Thatcher, Shawn Kelley, Don Brightbill, Thad Stortz, Paul
HEAT 3: Ron Schreiner, Brett Johnson, Pat Doar, Jay Poidinger, Dave Siercks
HEAT 4: Karl Fenske, Craig Brightbill, Lance Burt, Bobby Houston, Rod
B-FEATURE: Dave Cain, Keith Foss, Dan Hesch, Rick Kobs, Jim Bombardo
FEATURE: Thatcher, Schreiner, Fenske, Lofthus, Houston, D. Brightbill, Burt,
S. Kelley,Kaanta, M. Kelley, Jr.

HEAT 1: Dave Haberman, Jason Schill, Dan Carlson, Jeff Suckow, Doug
HEAT 2: Greg Boje, Mike Hesselink, Scott Meeds, Kelly Anderson, Bruce Fouks
HEAT 3: Mike Weber, Slade Stortz, Bruce Tourville, George Batzel, Rob
HEAT 4: Dale Gangl, Scott Zittleman, Neil Eckhart, Dave Madsen, Roger
HEAT 5: Chuckie DeSmith, Justin Fegers, Danny Olinger, Greg Nippoldt, Brent Larson
HEAT 6: Larry Boumeester, Bobby Houston, Brian Fegers, Jim Browning, Nick
C-FEATURE: Gary Nippoldt, Dave Shackleton, Brent Meuller, Brian Wennen, Joey
B-FEATURE: Suckow, Gustafson, Anderson, Fouks, Tim Borgeson
FEATURE: Schill, Gustafson, DeSmith, Gangl, J. Fegers, Eckhart, Hesselink,
Houston,Boumeester, Boje