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     Cedar Lake

By: Chris Stepan

Pat Doar rode the cushion to victory in both his # 11 Late Model and Jerry
Amundson's # 30 Modified leaving  the field of the 140+ cars that were in attendance behind. Even though the races were held on Saturday the 14th, you could have sworn that it was still Friday the 13th due to the strange things that occurred all through the night.

The Street Stock feature was up first and found Greg Scheffer and Shannon
Logue sharing the front row. Scheffer shot into the lead on the start with Curt Myers and Charlie Weber in tow. Scheffer was running very strong in the middle of the track forcing Myers to look low through the turns. Myers was
able to duck low and edge ever closer to Scheffer for the first several
circuits until Scheffer jumped the cushion a bit in turn two, leaving the door wide open for Myers to blow by into the lead. Jay Kesan was on the move through the field and appeared in  fourth on lap 6. The running order remained the same with Scheffer putting pressure on Myers up front. The lone yellow waved on lap 9 for debris on the track and on the restart Weber and Scheffer made contact in turn 2 forcing Scheffer to check up and allowing Weber and Kesan to move by into second and third. As the laps wound down, Weber had reeled in Myers and was starting to put pressure on him as the white flag flew. Myers held his line and went on to pick up his
10th win at the speedway in 1999 ahead of Weber, Kesan, Scheffer and Mike
Loomis, who had slowly picked off car after car after starting 14th.

Dan Carlson and Danny Olinger lead the field to the green flag in the Super
Stock feature.Olinger blasted out into the lead at the drop of the green followed by Carlson and Jeff Suckow. After several yellows on the first two laps, Olinger was able to push the cushion and lead the field for the next 6
circuits with Carlson hugging the tires and trying to draw even with Olinger
down the chutes. Suckow was running on Carlson's bumper as the lead pack pulled away from the rest of the field. Olinger suddenly jumped the cushion slightly in turn 2 allowing Suckow and Carlson by, but wasted little time
powering back to the front on the cushion as he blew by both Carlson and
Suckow in turns 1 and 2. The three resumed their classic three car battle for the lead until a yellow waved on lap 12. Suckow had nipped Olinger at the line by about 2 feet on the last completed lap, so he was the leader on the restart. A string of yellow after yellow after yellow occurred resulting in the race being shortened due to time constraints. On the final restart, Olinger again shot to the high side as Suckow ducked to the bottom. Suckow was able to run very smoothly and as the white flag flew he held a several car length advantage over Olinger. Olinger gave it one last chance coming around for the checkered and was able to close the gap considerably, but
ran out of time as he had to settle for a very strong second place finish
behind Suckow. Carlson, Bob Gerdes and Joe Bean rounded out the top five. The win was Suckow's first of 1999.

Mick Glenn and Craig Brightbill paced the field to the start of the Modified feature. Brightbill shot to the outside and Glenn ran the low groove as the two went wheel to wheel for the lead for the first several circuits. After a pair of yellows, racing resumed with Brightbill taking command and mounting a sizable advantage over the field until he suddenly slowed dramatically in
front of the field causing Pat Doar to drill him in the rear end. Brightbill's hopes for the win were over as he was done for the event.
On the restart, Glenn and Rich Lofthus dropped to the low side of the track
and Doar, Craig Thatcher and Ron Schreiner moved to the high side with hopes of getting to the front. Doar lead the parade around the
high side right into the lead on lap 9 as he blew by Lofthus and Glenn
bringing Thatcher and Schreiner with him into the top three. Doar continued to run the high side as Thatcher, now securely in second,dropped to the low side to try to pull even with Doar. Lofthus was able to make the bottom work again as he drew even with Schreiner in a side by side battle for third. Doar continued to lead with Thatcher on his tail. As the white flag flew the leaders were encountering lapped traffic and coming out of four for the
checkered, Doar almost got tagged by a backmarker, allowing Thatcher to
close in, but Doar claimed his 7th Modified win of the season over Thatcher, Lofthus, who was able to outrun Ron Schreiner to the line and John Kaanta.

The big dogs were the final event on the schedule with Steve Laursen and
Jerry Legatt pacing the field to the green flag. Laursen immediately blasted into the lead at the start and checked out on the field.The battle of the speedway was for second. Jim Bruggeman, Legatt, Rick Egersdorf and Pat Doar were all in a tight group with Legatt and Doar running against the cushion and Bruggeman and Egersdorf hugging the tires. Laursen held a half a lap advantage as the leaders reached the half way point.  Steve Egersdorf moved in to battle with Legatt for fifth as Doar was able to draw alongside Bruggeman for second. Bruggeman was able to hold off Doar's challenges as the two races side by side around the speedway. At the half way point the running order saw Laursen with a big advantage over Bruggeman, Doar, Egersdorf and Legatt. Mark Chamernick brought out the lone yellow of the event on lap 24 as he spun in turn three bunching up the field. Laursen's huge lead had evaporated. Bruggeman was now on the rear bumper of Laursen and as the green flew for the final time, Laursen again assumed the lead, but Pat Doar shot back to the cushion and bolted by Bruggeman into second and quickly reeled in Laursen. Doar was able to use his momentum to draw alongside Laursen down the backstretch with 4 laps to go and blasted into the lead coming out of turn 4. The two raced side by side for several circuits before Doar was able to secure the top spot and race to the checkered for the win. Laursen came home second,followed by Bruggeman, Rick Egersdorf and Legatt. The win was Doar's 9th of the season in his # 11 Late Model, which completed the double sweep of the night after sweeping the Modified field as well.

Racing resumes at Cedar Lake next Saturday with a full program of WISSOTA
Late Models,Modifieds and Super Stocks along with the 410 IRA Outlaw Sprint Cars. Sprint Car Qualifications begin at 7pm.

HEAT 1: Greg Scheffer, Curt Myers, Charlie Weber, Earl Hoffman, Chip Ennenga
HEAT 2: Shannon Logue, Jeremy Fink, Vince Corbin, Jay Kesan, Mark Thomas
FEATURE: Myers, Weber, Kesan, Scheffer, Mike Loomis, Cory Davis, Corbin,
Fink, Hoffman, Rick
HEAT 1: Dan Carlson, Dale Gangl, Justin Fegers, Dave Shackleton, Mike
HEAT 2: Danny Olinger, Joe Bean, Tim Borgeson, Ted Marrs, Corey Miller
HEAT 3: Jeff Suckow, Dan Lonsky, Mike Weber, Gary Nippoldt, Rich Bishop
HEAT 4: Joey Jensen, Bob Gerdes, Steve Thomas, Bruce Fouks, Chuckie DeSmith
HEAT 5: Jason Schill, Bob Lick, Brent Meuller, Greg Nippoldt, Jerry Lunda
C-FEATURE: Bruce Tourville, Denny Stordahl, Jerry England, Steve Johnson,
Joe Raboin
B-FEATURE: DeSmith, Bishop, Hesselink, Larry Boumeester, Lunda
FEATURE: Suckow, Olinger, Carlson, Gerdes, Bean, Gangl, Weber, Lonsky,
Hesselink, Bishop
HEAT 1: Mick Glenn, Dave Lear, Matt Durbin, Steve Isenberg, Mike Hass
HEAT 2: Craig Brightbill, Rich Lofthus, Larry Zellar, Rick Kobs, Jason
HEAT 3: Pat Doar, Craig Thatcher, Ron Schreiner, John Kaanta, Owen Grube
B-FEATURE: Mike Kelley, Jr., Trent Follmer, Shawn Kelley, Bruce Olson, Al
FEATURE: Doar, Thatcher, Lofthus, Schreiner, Kaanta, Paul Bruggeman, Glenn,
Lear, M. Kelley
HEAT 1: Steve Laursen, Rick Egersdorf, John Chrest, Don Copp, Lance Matthees
HEAT 2: Jerry Legatt, Jeff Patchen, Mark Chamernick, Mike Nutzmann, Robbie Halstead
HEAT 3: Jim Bruggeman, Steve Egersdorf, Jon Kurshinsky, Randy Schloegl, Joel Cryderman
HEAT 4: Pat Doar, Duane Mahder, Mike Chamernick, John Kaanta, Mike
B-FEATURE: Toby Patchen, Todd Gehl, Brent Larson, Jeff Kinney, Larry
FEATURE: Doar, S. Laursen, Bruggeman, R. Egersdorf, Legatt, S. Egersdorf,Kaanta, Mike Chamernick,Mahder, Cryderman