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GVS Racing World 100 Recap

GVS Racing, along with sponsor 10-10-220, a world leader in the long-distance telecommunications industry, are celebrating a successful 1999 World 100 weekend. With two drivers, GVS Racing hoped to show their strength at the most prestigious race of the year for the Dirt-Late Model teams, and fans. Rick Aukland of Zanesville Ohio, in the 10-10-220/GVS Racing/ Monte Carlo, came home in third place, after starting in the 16th starting position. Shannon Babb of Decatur Illinois, rode the 10-10-220/GVS Racing/Monte Carlo, to a 6th place finish in the feature, despite starting in the 23rd position.

Rick Aukland started off the weekend, by qualifying in the 4th position out of 228 late models present. In the fourth heat race, Rick posted a third place finish, after starting in the 6th position, which earned him the 16th position in the World 100. The 41 year old Aukland, was able to move the 10-10-220 car through the field, with the ability to run anywhere he needed. After passing the early leader Bob Pierce, Aukland reeled in the 1999 Dream Winner Rick Eckert, and utilizing a lapped car, pulled around Eckert, but would get no farther forward. " The 10-10-220 car was great tonight, we just needed to start closer to the front. We’re happy with our progress though. The 10-10-220 team will just take what we learned this weekend, and go on down the road" said Rick Aukland after the race.

Shannon Babb, who suffered through a poor qualifying round, started 14th in the 5th heat race, with only the top three transferring directly to the feature. After charging through the field, however, Babb ended up in the fourth place, and the result was to race in the semi-feature. The 25 year old Babb, proved he was up to the task though, by taking home third place, to earn the 23rd starting spot in the feature. Despite starting near the back, Babb was on the charge, attempting to dial up a long-distance win. After moving into the top-ten in the mid-staged of the race, Babb fought his way up to the 6th position, and was battling with Bob Pierce, and Rick Eckert in order to move into the top-five, as the checkered flag flew. " We really worked the 10-10-220 car hard tonight, and it performed great. I only wished we would have started closer to the front, as the car was capable of the win. I just want to thank my sponsor 10-10-220 and GVS Racing for allowing me to do this. The entire 10-10-220 team worked hard, and we’ll get better with more experience." said Babb.

The 10-10-220 GVS Racing Team would also like to pass along congratulations to the World 100 winner Steve Francis, and his entire Francis Racing Team. " Steve drove a race for the 10-10-220 Racing team earlier in the year m(a $12,000 to win Rumble in the Dakotah special, that he won) and we are proud of the way he ran tonight. While we would have liked to have won and put 10-10-220 in victory lane, seeing Steve win, was good too. We will get the 10-10-220 car up on that stage soon "stated owner Joel Hedrick.


Official finish(top ten): Steve Francis, Darrell Lanigan, Rick Aukland, Rick Eckert, Bob Pierce, Shannon Babb, Billy Moyer Jr., Brian Birkhofer, Clint Smith, John Gill.


GVS Racing is considered by most on dirt-late models as the premier team. Based in Baton Rouge Louisiana, GVS Racing has primary sponsorship from 10-10-220, along with Gulf Valve Service. GVS Racing has brought the first Corporate sponsorship to the sport by signing 10-10-220, a long distance telecommunications provider. For more information on the GVS Racing Team visit their website at www.gvsracing.com

10-10-220 is a leader in long-distance telecommunications, providing up to 20 minutes for only 99 cents, with each additional minute 9 cents each. 10-10-220 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom USA, which in turned is owned by MCI Worldcom For more information on 10-10-220, visit their internet site at http://www.10-10-220.com

GVS Racing

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Media Contact

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