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 JULY 3, 1999

Qualifying Times: Sexton 11:56, Treece 11:61, Ogle 11:72, Reed 11:89, Boles 11:92, Thompson 11:95

Oh what a night, it wasn't only the 4th of July Fire Works by Pyro it was fire works on the track as well. One of those nights where it was slice and dice 2, 3, 4 wide bumper to bumper, mupli groove take your pick where your car ran best. It was a race that has the fans on their feet, a packed house with standing room only. At the drop of the green Jeff Treece driving Harold Simpson's backup car #t17 beat #52 Scott Sexton to the first turn. Only to have #90 Jack Trammell and #h17 Harold Simpson get together in turn one on the low side of the track and bring out the caution before a lap was completed. On the complete restart Treece again was the man to beat Sexton to the first turn. On lap 4 Sexton put the old slide job on Treece to take over the led. Lap 7 brought out the 1 st. caution for #28 Bill Reed, and on the restart Treece and #201 Billy Ogle Jr. got together, in turn 4 with the right side of Ogle's Warrior Flat and bent under and #38 John Thompson spinning in front of the rest of the field. On the restart it was Sexton, Treece, Ogle, #11b Stacy Boles, #5 Bryan Hendrix, #3 Steve Smith. Lap 7 thru 11 seen Boles and Smith run side by side for 5 place. Lap 12 Hendrix moved into the 4th place. Lap 13, Smith had a tire go down and came back out and before he make it from turn one to turn 4 Smith spun in turn 4. Lap 13 it was Sexton, Ogle, Boles, Hendrix, Treece. Boles ran over the cone on the front stretch and got sent to the rear, trying to duck under Ogle. Lap 15 #IOU Floyd Self got into the turn 2 wall, bring out a caution. Lap 16, #25 Mark Brooks went over the top of Treece coming off turn 4. Then Brooks got into Boles, behind them #28 (blk) Jeff Wolfenbarger and #g7 Anthony Arnwine, driving the car of Billy Gordon spun to miss the cars of Brook. Treece and Boles. Most of the night it was Sexton on the high side and Ogle on the low side, with Ogle trying to put a slide job on Sexton. By Lap 23 Boles had moved back up into the 3rd spot and Smith into the 4th spot. Lap 31 Arnwine done a 360 coming off turn 4 never missing a beat and no one getting into him. Action packed race with eye to the track to see who was going to pass who, with positions changing with every lap. This was only the 1st 40 lapper and another to come with the top 8 inverted for the 2nd 40 lapped and with $1,500 to win each, plus a $500 bonus if you won both. Now for the Finish

  1. Scott Sexton #52/Stinger/J.T. Kerr Racing Equip./English Mountain Spring Water
  2. Billy "The Kid" Ogle #201/Warrior/Vanover and Son Concrete Finishers.
  3. Stacy "The Sheriff" Boles #11b/GRT/Advanced Transmission
  4. Steve Smith #3/Warrior
  5. Marty Calloway #7/Stinger/Calloway Excavating
  6. Jeff Wolfenbarger #28 (blk)/Warrior
  7. Harold Simpson #h17/Rayburn/Simpson Mining
  8. Mark Brooks #25/MasterBuilt
  9. Floyd Self #IOU/Frank's Auto Repair
  10. Anthony Arnwine #g7/Gordon Construction/Shackleford Motors
  11. Jason Trammell #91/Warrior/Total Construction
  12. Jimmy Calloway #77/NRC/Calloway Excavating
  13. Bryan Hendrix #5/Stinger/Advanced Transmission/Simm's Mkt.
  14. Jeff Treece #t17/Simpson Mining/Epp's Chevy
  15. John Thompson #38/ App. Machine/Giles Ind./Long John Silvers
  16. John Neal #41/Neal Trucking and Farms
  17. Troy Eads #52/Eads Auto Sales/Tammy and Co.
  18. Bill Ogle #1/Warrior
  19. Bill Reed #28 (yel)/Fast Race Cars/UPS/Die Cast Digest
  20. Jack Trammell #90/Stinger/Total Construction
  21. Randy Cabbage #05/Cabbage Auto Repair and Parts
  22. Pete Rouse #61
  23. Steve Rouse #23

Notes on 2nd 40 lapper with the top 8 cars from the 1st 40 lapper inverted are you ready for this. After all the action in the 1st one. In the 4 year history of the Twin 40's and Triple 25's. Sexton has taken the bonus

Twice and Ogle once the other year no one clamed the bonus. At the drop of the green it was Brooks who jumped into the led with M. Calloway on his bumper and "The Sheriff" Stacy Boles running them down. On lap 2 Sexton dove low to take over 2nd putting the pressure on Brooks who spun while leading. On lap 3, it was Sexton, Boles, Ogle, Calloway, and Wolfenbarger. On lap 5 Smith got into Calloway. Lap 7 Brooks and Jason Trammell #91 spun in turn 4. Lap 7 thru lap11, it was Arnwine and Jack Trammell side by side for 5th place. By lap 16 it was 4 wide with Arnwine, Smith, Wolfenbarger and J. Calloway. Lap 19, Reed spun while out front it was Sexton, Ogle, Boles, Jack Trammell, Smith, Arnwine. Then Ogle passed Sexton on lap 19 only to have the caution come out when Jason Trammell and Arnwine got together in turn 4 when Jason Trammell blew a motor. But to Ogle's disappointment we had not completed the lap giving the lead back to Sexton. On the restart Ogle kept his Warrior under Sexton's Stinger. Ogle with his damaged Warrior on the low side was heating up his tires, but after every caution with his tires cool he had the pressure on Sexton. By lap 33 Sexton, Ogle, Jack Trammell, Reed had lapped the rest of the field, working the lapped traffic and the spinning cars. It was like dodging bullets. M. Calloway spun in the middle of turn 1 and 2 and Ogle got up against the wall to miss Calloway. With the racing for position and the lapped cars it was thread the needle as most of the time it was 3 plus wide racing. Lap 35 Wolfenbarge spun setting up a 5 lap dash to the finish, giving Ogle's tire's time to cool and it was Sexton and Ogle going for the win and Trammell, Reed, Boles fighting for the 3 place. With Sexton making it through the lapped traffic and Ogle getting held up in the lapped traffic, Ogle managed to be 4 car lengths behind Sexton as Sexton took the 2nd win of the night and the bonus of $500 for a total of $3,500 and Ogle finishing 2nd in both the 40 lappers with his beat and battered Warrior.


Finish of 2nd 40 laps

  1. Scott Sexton #52/Stinger/J.T. Kerr Racing Equip./English Mountain Spring Water
  2. Billy "The Kid" Ogle #201/Warrior/Vanover and Son Concrete Finishers
  3. Bill Reed #28/Fast Race Cars/UPS/DieCast Digest/Hotsy
  4. Jack Trammell #90/Stinger/Total Construction
  5. Stacy "The Sheriff" Boles #11b/GRT/Advanced Transmission
  6. Anthony Arnwine #g7/Rayburn/Gordon Construction/Shackelford Motors
  7. Floyd Self #IOU/Murphy Skate Land/Frank's Auto Repair
  8. John Neal #41/Warrior/Neal Trucking and Farms

***Next Sat. Night July 10, 1999, Double Points Race***

***Plus the Powder Puff that got rained out on the 26th of June***


Fast Qualifier: #1 Fred England 13:11, Mitch Houston 13:27, Bubba Long 13:54

Lap one front row starters England and Houston rubbed with England getting the led coming off turn 4. The Race most of the night was for first between England and Houston and for the 3rd place between #2 (yell) David Gamble, #10 Bubba Long, #15 Jason Long and #91 Randall Self. Lap 18 B. Long got under Gamble only to be passed right back. The race went caution free with J. Long finishing in the 6th place with his #15 smoking


  1. Fred England #1/Pepsi One/Sofa's and More/Long John Silvers
  2. Mitch Houston #22/English Mountain Spring Water/Houston Trucking
  3. David Gamble #2 (yell)/G and G Racing
  4. Bubba Long #10/S and J Mach./Cloud 9/Long Race Cars
  5. Randell Self #91/Murphy Skate Land/Frank's Auto Repair
  6. Jason Long #15/Long's Race Cars
  7. Pic Weaver #27/Weavers Auto Parts
  8. Jerry Fuson #37


Fast Qualifier: #17 Leonard Bray 14:46, #7 Brian Smith 14:69, #18 Rick Welch 14:71, #1 Wayne Overholt 14:80, #3 Tim Hatfield 14:87

It the green Bray took the led but when they reached the backstretch Smith took over the led. It was Smith, Bray, Overholt, and Welch as they came back around. Lap 2 with the pressure on Smith from Bray, Smith spun on his own coming off turn 4. Moving Smith to the read of the field and giving the lead back to Bray. Lap 3, Overholt passed Bray for the led making it Overholt, Bray, Welch, #88 Chris Brooks, Hatfield. Lap 12 Welch passed Bray. Lap 14 Welch went to the pits with his #18 smoking, bring out a caution. On the restart it was Overholt, Bray, Brooks, Smith had moved back up into the 4th place and Hatfield in 5th. Lap 18 Brooks passed Bray for 2nd. Lap 19 the white flag lap Smith got into Bray going into turn 3, but Bray held on to finish 3rd and Smith 4th.


  1. Wayne Overholt #1/Dee's Auto Sales
  2. Chris Brooks #88/Long John Silvers
  3. Leonard Bray #17/Eads Auto Sales/Smart Transport/Dixie Tire and Equip.
  4. Brian Smith #7/D and D Machine
  5. Tim Hatfield #3 (red)
  6. Darrell Saylor #9
  7. Jerry Hurst #12
  8. Rick Welch #18/Beason Racing Engines/C & R Trucking
  9. Jim Bob Shell #23/Jim Bob's Auto Sales
  10. Scott Wilburn #3
  11. Guy Snyder #12 (yell)


With 26 cars taking the green I looked for a lot of action. But it was a quick race. With the #6 Regan Debusk taking the early led followed by #28 Buster Cupp and the #56 of Tony Horton. Lap 2 Horton passed Cupp for 2nd. Lap 3 caution for #06 Mitch Fergerson who spun on the front stretch. Lap 4 Horton gave Debusk a love tap in turn 2, with Debusk brushing the wall and Horton taking the point. Lap 7, Cupp got into the back of #3 Jesse Hoover coming off turn 2 and Hoover spun. Lap 10 #7 Mike Bright passed Cupp. Lap 11 Bobby Bean Started to Smoke bring out a caution. Lap 14, white flag lap Bright spun in turn 2 but was able to gather it up to finish 10th.


  1. Tony Horton #56/Greasy Rock Auto Parts
  2. Reagan Debush #6/Eads Auto Sales/Frames and Things
  3. Bobby Moore Jr. #3
  4. John Sneed #79
  5. Jerry Collettt #10
  6. Jesse Hoover #3 (blk/red)/MoPawn/Advanced Check and Title
  7. Gary Dobbs #94
  8. Bo Hall #97
  9. Donnie Miracle #75
  10. Mike Bright #7 (blk/org)/Calloway Race Cars
  11. Rex Muncey #5
  12. John Whitaker #52/Eads Auto Sales/Tammy and Co.
  13. Ralph Yount #19
  14. Ronnie Carroll #c2
  15. Jessie Wolfe #mj4
  16. Marty Bain #808
  17. Mitch Fergerson #06
  18. Junior Cody #25
  19. Jonathan Miracle #50/Eads Auto Sales
  20. Charlie England #57
  21. Bobby Moore Sr. #4
  22. Bobby Bean #7 (blk/Wht)
  23. Mike Fergerson #21
  24. Jim Overholt #83/Straight Creek Boat Dock/Eads Auto Sales
  25. Dan Hurst #64
  26. Buster Cupp #28

4 CLY. Finish

Race went caution free

  1. Lee Sauceman #04
  2. Dee Cooper #26
  3. Keith Chapman #97
  4. Scott Litton #28
  5. Jerry Massengill #8