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Full Track Results

Silver Spring Speedway

17 July 1999    By-Steve Inch



MECHANICSBURG, PA – Carmen Perigo of Stoystown won his third Super Sportsman main event of the season at Silver Spring Speedway on Saturday night after swapping the lead with Frankie Herr of Carlisle in the final two laps of the 25-lap main event.

The win marked the eighth of Perigo’s career at the track at the wheel of the Harbold Ford/Eagle Steel Ford-powered 2A.

Ron Little of Dover won his first 20-lap Late Model feature of the season and became the 14th different driver to win a feature in the division this season.

Ed Hollenbach was the winner of the 15-lap Four Cylinder Pure Stock main event.

Silver Spring Speedway will present a complete program of Wingless Sportsman and Street Stocks this Saturday, July 24 beginning at 7 p.m. Time trials and heats will be the format for the 25-lap Wingless Sportsman main event. Also on the program will be Kids Big Wheels racing for ages 10 and under.

Rookie driver Rod Adams started on the pole and powered into the early lead at the start of the Super Sportsman main event. On the first lap, however, the caution unfurled for John Stoner, Howie Locke and Mark Smith, who tangled on the frontstretch. Smith was the only driver sidelined for the night.

When the race resumed, Adams fended off second-place runner Dave Ort. Then Ort took the lead in turn four on lap four with Adams and 12th-place starter Frankie Herr following close behind.

On the seventh circuit, Herr advanced to second while 14th-place starter Carmen Perigo moved into third. At the halfway point, the lead trio broke away from the rest of the pack.

On the 16th circuit, Herr powered undeneath Ort’s No. 41 for the lead in turn two. At the same time, Perigo followed the new leader into second. With five laps remaining, the leaders began to encounter slower traffic.

The caution flag unfurled with two laps remaining, setting up a chase to the checkered flag. Perigo challenged Herr on the low side entering turn one but to no avail. Then Herr and Perigo began swapping the lead, switching lanes as they battled for the lead and win.

Coming off the final corner on the final lap, Perigo put his racer on the bottom of the race track and secured the lead and feature win by a narrow margin over Herr. 18th-place starter Danny Hager finished third, while current point leader Bob Fannasy and 25th-place starter Pat Cannon rounded out the top five.

The competitive Late Model division put on an exciting show when four drivers dueled to the finish in the non-stop event. Outside front row starter Harold Beinhower drove into the early lead with polesitter Pat Beard racing second.

Beinhower and Beard swapped the lead during the first five laps of the event. At the halfway point, Beinhower was leading fifth-place starter Dave Eitnier, ninth-place starter Jason Covert, 11th-place starter Ron Little and fourth-place starter Carl Graves.

In the final five laps, the heat was on for the lead and win. Eitnier took the lead on the 16th lap, only to have Little thread the needle between Eitnier and Beinhower on the backstretch on the 18th circuit for the front spot.

Little went on to post the win ahead of Eitnier, Covert, Graves and Beinhower.

Polesitter Scott Lutz powered into the lead at the start of the Four Cylinder Pure Stock event. Lutz was trailed by third-place starter Craig Perigo for the first three laps until fifth-place starter Ed Hollenbach moved into second.

Hollenbach then took the lead on the sixth circuit and maintained the front spot for the duration. In the final laps, 12th-place starter Dale Kreiser attempted to reel in the leader but to no avail. Hollenbach was victorious over Kreiser, Lutz, Austin Kirby and Steve Hastings.


Super Sportsman - 53 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 2A Carmen Perigo 2) 3 Frankie Herr 3) 5G Danny Hager 4) 1 Bob Fannasy 5) 93 Pat Cannon 6) 10 Donnie Beaver 7) 32 George Riden 8) 7P Jerry Wolfe 9) 90 John Provenza 10) 12 Howie Locke 11) 6 Rod Adams 12) 71 Dave Eitnier 13) 42 JR Fry 14) 91 Lanny Hake 15) 66 Leroy Martin 16) 16 Paul Troutman 17) 41 Dave Ort 18) 55J Ron Janney 19) 25 Gerry Strawser 20) 69 Bob Hockenberry 21) 4 John Stoner 22) 47 Ken Carberry 23) 8 Rich Eichelberger 24) 99 Scott Grace 25) 2M Matt Ondek 26) 22 Mark Smith

Heat Winners: Rod Adams, Lanny Hake, Carmen Perigo, Mark Smith, Glenn Keller

Consolation Winners: Bob Fannasy and Bob Hockenberry

Late Models - 27 Entries

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 43 Ron Little 2) 71 Dave Eitnier 3) 15 Jason Covert 4) 9 Carl Graves 5) 33 Harold Beinhower 6) 2M Dave MaGilton 7) 51 Dave Graber 8) 22 Mark Billet 9) 55 Bud Witmer 10) F1 Jim Shuttlesworth 11) 10 Gene Wrightstone 12) 25 Tom Blackwell 13) 75 Scott McCann 14) 41F Gary Potts 15) 78 John Ebersole 16) 2 Scott Richwine 17) X Pat Beard 18) 43A Tommy Reed 19) 0 Larry Baer 20) 11 Dave Sokoloski 21) 29 Ed Jones 22) 83 Roger Myers

Heat Winners: Tom Blackwell, Harold Beinhower and Carl Graves

Consolation Winner: Bud Witmer

Four Cylinder Pure Stocks - 38 Entries

15-Lap A-Main: 1) 13 Ed Hollenbach 2) 23 Dale Kreiser 3) 33 Scott Lutz 4) 28 Austin Kirby 5) 83 Steve Hastings 6) 31 Franklin Bush 7) 92 Frank Gordon 8) 84 Leroy Long 9) 17 Bobby Rupp 10) 2F Terry Hamm 11) 29 Lou Parson 12) 1A Craig Perigo 13) 21 Mike Breneman 14) 25 Gary Dehart 15) 1A Keith Gutshall 16) 21K Eric Hollenbach 17) 17T Thomas Gray 18) 3 Jim Naugle 19) 53 Ed Kirby 20) 2 Bryan Michael 21) 11I John Stoll, Jr. 22) 100 Dustin Hollinger 23) M1 Michael Potts 24) 44 Troy Hostetter

Heat Winners: Scott Lutz, Dustin Hollinger, Craig Perigo

Consolation Winner: Austin Kirby