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Full Track Results

Adkins bounces back, wins Vernon Harris Memorial at Potomac Speedway

By Vicki Adkins

BUDDS CREEK, MD (July 17, 1999) - The last three weeks have not been good for Budweiser Late Model defending points champion James Adkins, Jr., of Waldorf, Md. Adkins was leading the points when he was involved in a crash off turn four, giving the points lead to Jeff Pilkerton. With Pilkerton’s consistency, plus racking up another feature win, he was able to stretch out his points lead to a comfortable 188 points, after Adkins finished out of the top 10 three weeks in a row. With double points on the line, Adkins made a strong comeback by taking the checkered flag in the $5,000 to win, 100-lap Vernon Harris Memorial Budweiser Late Model feature this past Saturday night at Potomac Speedway. It was Adkins’ third feature win of the season. The key to Adkins’ victory, Adkins said, "The car stayed consistent for the whole 100 laps."

Jim Bernheisel was the True Value Hard Charger of the race award winner. Bernheisel came from a 14th place starting position to finish fifth.

Other feature winners included, Paul Cursey of Baltimore, Md., taking the checkered flag for the fourth time this year in the 25-lap Bell Motor Company Semi-Late feature; Walt Homberg of Aquasco, Md., picking up his second win in the 20-lap Coors Light Pure-Street Stock feature; and Greg Gunter winning his eighth feature of the year in the 20-lap Mac Tools Four-Cylinders feature.

The Gardiner Outdoor Products Enduros had two feature events this weekend, a 20-lapper on Friday night and a 30-lapper on Saturday. Defending points champion, John Burch of Owings, Md., made it a double weekend, taking the checkered flag on both Friday and Saturday night.

Entertainment was provided on Saturday night by Speedo the Clown. CMS Sheet Metal sponsored the child’s bike giveaway. Eleven-year-old James Ledford of Charlotte Hall, Md., was the lucky bike winner.

The weekend of racing started on Friday night with time trials for all of the divisions of racing except for the Gardiner Outdoor Products Enduros. Les Hare of New Park, Pa., had the fastest qualifying time for the Budweiser Late Models, turning a lap of 17.23 seconds. Roy Deese was not far behind Hare with a lap of 17.42 seconds. The qualifying positions then determined where the drivers would start in their heat races. The top two fastest qualifiers, along with the top two heat race finishers, would all advance to a dash race to determine starting positions. The finishing order of the dash would then determine the starting order, for all of the cars involved, in Saturday’s feature events. David Williams, George Moreland, Jerry Foster, and David Hoffman all advanced to the dash along with the top two qualifiers, Hare and Deese. When the green flag waved, Hare and Williams battled for the lead. Hare was able to grab the top spot and went on to take the checkered flag, leading all six laps. Hare was then set to start on the pole for Saturday’s feature event. Williams finished second, followed by Deese in third, Foster in fourth, Hoffman in fifth, and Moreland in sixth.

When the green flag waved in the 100-lap event, Hare immediately jumped out front to lead the way for the 24-car starting field. As Hare led, Deese and Foster battled for position. Foster won the battle and was able to take second. Three laps were completed when the first of 20 cautions came out for an incident involving Pat Wood, Tom Rawlings, and Harold Dorsey in turn two. Hare led the way when the green flag waved, only to be slowed again for a second caution. When the race went back to green, Hare jumped out front. Four more laps were completed when Foster almost spun in turn two. He was able to save the car, but fell back to fifth place. Deese then moved into second. On lap 18, Deese made a bid for the lead, going to the inside of Hare in turn three. Hare was able to hold him off. Deese then got caught behind some lapped cars, allowing Hare to pull away with about a half straight-a-way advantage. The caution flag waved on lap 30 for George Moreland. On the restart, James Adkins, who started seventh, made a bid to take second-place away from Deese. Adkins was able to make the pass, along with David Hoffman. Adkins then set his sights on Hare. As Hare continued to lead the way, Adkins stayed glued to his rear bumper. A caution came out on lap 47 when Hoffman spun in turns one and two. As they entered turns one and two on the restart, Adkins looked to the inside of Hare to make a bid for the lead, but was unable to make a move. Hare showed the way on the next four laps, when the race was red-flagged for the halfway fuel stop. When the race went back to green, Hare again led the way, with Adkins following close behind. A caution came out on lap 67, when Jack Bland, who had been running in sixth-place, slowed with motor problems. On the restart, the lapped car of Lenny Skelton was in between Hare and Adkins. Hare was able to jump out front with a six car length advantage. Three more laps were completed when a caution came out for Rick Hulson in turn two. Adkins again pulled right up on Hare’s rear bumper on the restart. He looked to the inside of Hare as they exited turn two to make a bid for the lead, but was unable to make the pass. On lap 76, just as Adkins was about to go to the inside of Hare in turn two, Hare slowed with engine trouble. Then third-place runner, Timmy Booth, went to the outside of Adkins. The caution flag waved for a multi-car incident, forcing everybody back in line. On the restart, Adkins easily led the way. On lap 82, Booth went wide in turn two, opening the door for Foster. Foster dove to the inside of Booth to retake second. Adkins had about a four-to-five car length lead. As the laps wound down, Foster was able to make up some ground. On lap 91, Adkins got caught behind a lapped car. Foster used this to his advantage by diving to the inside of Adkins. Adkins was able to pull back out front to hold onto the top spot. He then went on to take the checkered flag, leading 24 of the 100 laps. Foster finished second, followed by Booth in third, Deane Guy in fourth, and Jim Bernheisel in fifth. After the race, Adkins said, "I knew we had a good shot because we set the car up for the last 50 laps. I knew if we were patient for the first 50, we’d have a good shot at the last 50."

For the Bell Motor Company Semi-Lates, Paul Cursey had the fastest time, turning a lap of 18.70 seconds. Darryl Hills was the second fastest qualifier with a lap of 19.06 seconds. Cursey, Hills, Steve Benjamin and Sommy Lacey all advanced to the five-lap dash. When the green flag waved, there was almost a four-way battle for the lead. Cursey won the battle to take the top spot. He went on to lead all five laps, finishing with about a five car length lead over second-place finisher Benjamin. Hills finished third, followed by Lacey in fourth.

In the 25-lap feature event, Cursey started on the pole and led the way as the green flag waved. The first and only caution came out before the first lap was completed for Fireball Latham in turn two. The field had a complete restart. When the race went back to green, Cursey again led the way. By lap five, he had about a four-to-five car length advantage. He led all 25-laps unchallenged for the lead, finishing with about a five-to-six car length lead, over second-place finisher Benjamin. Lacey finished third, followed by Hills in fourth, and Jeff Reeley in fifth. During the post-race interview, Cursey said, "Twenty-five laps without a yellow, that’s how to run 25-laps."

Jamie Lathroum and Tommy Hitt were the two fastest qualifiers for the Coors Light Pure-Street Stocks. Lathroum turned a lap of 19.98 seconds, with Hitt turning a 20.22 second lap. Lathroum, Hitt, Jackie Booth, and Walt Homberg all advanced to the four-lap dash. Lathroum led the way at the green flag and went on to take the checkered. Booth finished second, followed by Homberg in third, and Hitt in fourth. He finished with about a three-car length advantage over second place finisher Booth. Homberg finished third, followed by Hitt in fourth.

In the 20-lap Coors Light Pure-Street Stock feature, Booth and Homberg battled for the lead at the drop of the green flag. Pole-sitter Lathroum, was unable to start the feature. Homberg won the battle for the top spot in turn four to lead lap one. Homberg led the way through five caution flags, and held off several challenges from second-place runner Johnny Smith. He went on to take the checkered flag, leading all 20 laps. Smith finished second, followed by Deano Painter in third, Stevie Long in fourth, and Tim Shelton in fifth.
Greg Gunter turned the fastest lap in the Mac Tools Four-Cylinders qualifying. Gunter set a lap of 20.92 seconds. Sam Woods was the second fastest qualifier with a lap of 21.24. Gunter, Woods, Andy Ball, and Jason Randall all advanced to the four-lap dash. Gunter led all four-laps of the dash, putting him on the pole for the feature event. Woods finished second, followed by Randall in third, and Ball in fourth.

In the 20-lap Mac Tools Four-Cylinder feature, Greg Gunter and Sam Woods battled side-by-side when the green flag waved. Gunter won the battle to lead lap one. He went on to lead all 20-laps, unchallenged for the lead. The race was slowed one time for a caution. Gunter finished with almost a straight-a-way advantage over second-place finisher Wayne Graves. Following a post-race inspection, Graves was disqualified for a carburetor infraction giving Woods second, followed by Calvin Wright in third, Bob Tester in fourth and Jason Randall in fifth.

In the Fridays 20-lap Gardiner Outdoor Product Enduro feature, David Bryant led the way as the green flag waved. A caution came out before the first lap was completed, giving the field a complete restart. When the race went back to green, John Burch took over the top spot. He went on to take the checkered flag, leading all 20-laps, and holding off challenges from Kevin Sprague. Ray Weaver finished second, followed by Sprague in third, Wayne Weaver in fourth, and Bryant in fifth. Bryant and Paul Schendel won the heats.

In the 30-lap feature event, Josh Moxley led the way for the first 12 laps when Sprague took over the top spot. On lap 23, Burch made a bid for the lead. He was able to make the pass and went on to take the checkered flag. He finished with about a three-fourth straight-a-way advantage over second-place finisher Sprague. Tom Turner finished third, followed by Wayne Suite in fourth, and Chet Gagnon in fifth. Moxley and Barry Lear Jr., won the heats.

This coming Friday night, July 23rd, at Potomac Speedway the regular show will be on hand. Coors Light will sponsor all of the racing action. Pit and grandstand gates open at 6:00 p.m., with racing starting at 7:30 p.m.



FEATURE: 1. James Adkins-28, 2. Jerry Foster-5, 3. Timmy Booth-48, 4. Deane Guy-44, 5. Jim Bernheisel-119, 6. Roy Deese-9, 7. George Moreland-24, 8. David Hoffman-15, 9. Jeff Pilkerton-8, 10. Tom Rawlings-31, 11. Rick Hulson-55B, 12. Pat Wood-3, 13. Tim Murphy-21M, 14. Larry Emory-117, 15. Lenny Skelton-7, 16. Bill Timme-81, 17. Barry Lear-51, 18. Les Hare-77, 19. Jack Bland-41, 20. Jeff Leiphart-8L, 21. Fred Harden-10, 22. Harold Dorsey-92, 23. David Williams-25, 24. Ronald Cusic-45 (semi-late). DNS – Steve Axtell-70L.


FEATURE: 1. Paul Cursey-37, 2. Steve Benjamin-94, 3. Sommy Lacey-45, 4. Darryl Hills-7, 5. Jeff Reeley-21J, 6. Ronnie Hollidge-0, 7. J.C. Windsor-94W, 8. Billy Tucker-J18, 9. Ricky Taylor-8, 10. Bill Daniel-89, 11. Dale Smith-81, 12. Jeff Burroughs-44 (pure-street), 13. Fireball Latham-41.


FEATURE: 1. Walt Homberg-00H, 2. Johnny Smith-82, 3. Deano Painter-24, 4. Stevie Long-44, 5. Tim Shelton-55, 6. Dan Dotson-2D, 7. Lloyd Deans-00, 8. Jerry Scott-88, 9. Mike Roop-04, 10. Rusty Alton-3, 11. Rick Green-59, 12. Gary Tavenner-31, 13. Mike Latham-78, 14. Scott Thompson-25, 15. Tommy Hitt-7T, 16. Jackie Booth-33, 17. Kirk Confair-81, DNS – Jamie Lathroum-6, Bobby Tipton-12, Stump Moreland-23.


FEATURE: 1. Greg Gunter-15, 2. Sam Woods-00, 3. Calvin Wright-94, 4. Bob Tester-5., 5.Jason Randall-17, 6. Linda Wright-1, 7. Marty Deen-33, 8. Ben Allen-24, 9. Chappy Knaack-88, 10. Joe Blocker-23, 11. Andy Ball-99, 12. Jerry Dick-44, 13. Deuce Wright-2D, 14. Scotty Scott-42 DQ- Wayne Graves-24Jr.


FEATURE (20 laps): 1. John Burch-12, 2. Ray Weaver-37, 3. Kevin Sprague-55, 4. Wayne Weaver-57, 5. David Bryant-42B, 6. John Ballou-112, 7. Chet Gagnon-30, 8. Wayne Suite-00, 9. Parran Nelson-24, 10. George Heinz-357, 11. Paul Schendel-8, 12. Joe Adams-69, 13. Robert Dunaway-117X, 14. Jimmy Suite-80, 15. Barry Lear, Jr.-99, 16. Bill Quinlin-3, 17. Bob Kolbe-9, 18. Cory Hanson-21R, 19. Gary Holt-117, 20. Josh Moxley-23, 21. Kevin Mann-22, 22. Tom Turner-25.

FEATURE (30 laps): 1. John Burch-12, 2. Kevin Sprague-55, 3. Tom Turner-25, 4. Wayne Suite-00, 5. Chet Gagnon-30, 6. David Bryant-42B, 7. Joe Adams-69, 8. John Ballou-112, 9. Josh Moxley-23, 10. Wayne Weaver-57, 11. Parran Nelson-24, 12. Gary Holt-117, 13. Robert Dunaway-117X, 14.Jimmy Suite-80, 15. Paul Schendel-8, 16. George Heinz-357, 17. Barry Lear, Jr.,-99, 18. Kevin Mann-22, 19.Ray Weaver-9 DNS: Bob Kolbe-11.