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JULY 10,1999
HAGERSTOWN, MD.  "I never had a car so good," said Gary Stuhler as he won his
fourth straight Conococheague 100 at the Hagerstown Speedway Saturday
night. Stuhler's performance was so dominating that he lapped all but four
cars en route to his fourth win of the year and 93rd career win in the STARS
National Dirtcar Racing League sanctioned summer classic. Stuhler started
sixth in the 26-car field and quickly moved through the field to take the
lead on the 10th lap. Once in front, Stuhler was untouchable as he just kept
getting stronger lap-by-lap taking the win by one-half lap.

"I just couldn't believe the way the car took off," said Stuhler, who
always seems to be at his best when the outside drivers come to Hagerstown.
"It was so good that it was kind of scarey. I knew I wanted to get to the
front as soon as I could with guys like Donnie (Moran), Chub (Frank) and Todd
(Andrews) ahead of me. I was just surprised that I was able to get to the
front so quick. The car just kept getting better and better. I couldn't
believe it." Stuhler collected $10,000 for his scorching performance. 

In other action, Wayne Walls Jr. of St. Thomas, PA continued his
winning ways as he scored his fifth win of the season and his third
consecutive in the 20-lap late model sportsman feature. Kenny Dillon of
Hanover, PA turned a season of disappointments around with his first win of
the season in the 20-lap pure stock feature and Sean Dawson notched his first
win in the Ernie's Salvage Yard 4-cyl pure stock main event.

Stuhler started seventh and started his mission right from the green
as he moved to the outside to move into third by the fourth lap. He grabbed
second from Jeff Robinson following a fifth lap restart and started working
on polesitter Todd Andrews for first. Chub Frank joined in the battle for the
lead as the drivers raced three wide for four laps. With Frank up against the
cushion on the outside of Andrews  going for the lead, Stuhler shot
underneath of Andrews to take the lead on the 10th lap. Once in front, it
wasn't how much Stuhler would win by, but how many cars he would lap. When
Stuhler came across the finish line, all but four cars were one lap down in
one of the most dominating performances at Hagerstown Speedway.

Steve Shaver, who was next to last of the 41 cars to take time
trials, set fast time of 19.625 seconds, started third on the grid. Shaver
dropped backed as far as sixth in the early stages of the 100-lap event
before finishing second in his best finish at Hagerstown. Donnie Moran
managed a third after a three car battle for 15 laps early in the race with
Shaver and Frank. Twenty-one year old D.J. Myers continues to impress
everyone as he stayed in the top five all race to finish fourth. Second year
driver Jeremy Miller managed a strong fifth place finish after starting 10th
and running with a spark plug wire off for 20 laps in the first 50 laps.
Frank finished sixth one lap down after battling for the lead in the early
part of the race with Mike Balzano coming from 17th for sixth. Rodney
Franklin started 18th and was next with R. J. Conley coming from 24th for
ninth. After leading the first nine laps, Andrews struggled the rest of the
race and managed to finish 10th. Heat winners for the 41 STARS late models
were Shaver, Stuhler, Frank and Andrews. Andrews won the Isky Cams dash and
Balzano was the B-Main winner.

In the late model sportsman, Wayne Walls Jr. started 11th as his son
Mike Walls set the pace from the pole. Walls was in third by the fifth lap
and was on the leader's bumper two laps later. After following Mike for two
laps, Wayne shot past his son for the lead on lap nine. Darryl Burkholder
moved into second on the 13th lap, but was unable to track down the leader as
Walls picked up the win. Robert Friese finished third with Daryl Kendall and
and Devin Friese rounding out the top five. The next five spots went to
Richard Walls, Barry Miller in his first start of the season, Mike Walls,
Richard Clipp and Donnie Farlling. Heat winners for the 16 cars were Scott
Palmer and Kendall. The St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger Award was won by Wayne
Walls Jr.

Starting on the front row, Kenny Dillon fought off the early
challenges of Phil Madagan to lead every lap and gain his first win of the
season in the pure stock feature. Eugene Conlee came from 19th to take second
and the Turner Bowling Centers Hard Charger Award. Jim Snyder was next with
Madagan and Bill Funk finishing out the top five. Dillon and Kirk Evans were
the preliminary heat winners for the 20 cars.

Sean Dawson started fifth in the 4-cyl pure stock feature and took
the lead from Andy Holmes on the third lap. Dawson was able to hold off a
hard charging Brian Miller the final five laps to take the win. Miller won
the Pit Pass Collectibles Hard Charger Award for finishing second after
starting ninth with Eric Mellott, Dean Holmes and Andy Holmes rounding out
the top five. Heat winners for the 12 cars were Dawson and Andy Holmes.

The U.S. Hot Rods Monster Truck Jam moves into Hagerstown next
weekend for a two-day show on Friday and Saturday, July 16th and 17th. Show
time is 8 P.M. with July 18th as rain date. Racing returns with the Tony
Armel Memorial the following week, July 24th at 7 P.M.

(Showing Finish Pos.,Start Pos.,Car #,Driver,Laps,Purse,Reason Out)

1. (7) #19 Gary Stuhler 100 $10,000 Running
2. (3) #30 Steve Shaver 100 $6,060 Running
3. (4) #99 Donnie Moran 100 $4,050 Running
4. (5) #70J D.J. Myers 100 $3,040 Running
5. (9) #1M Jeremy Miller 100 $2,500 Running
6. (8) #1* Chub Frank 99 $2,000 Running
7. (16) #E1 Mike Balzano 99 $1,550 Running
8. (17) #01 Rodney Franklin 99 $1,450 Running
9. (23) #71C R.J. Conley 99 $1,350 Running
10. (1) #42 Todd Andrews 98 $1,300 Running
11. (18) #46 Brent Smith 98 $1,150 Running
12. (20) #25W David Williams 98 $1,050 Running
13. (19) #33 Aaron Scott 98 $950 Running
14. (26) #34 Rick Workman 98 $900 Running
15. (6) #25A Andy Anderson 98 $835 Running
16. (25) #9 Frankie Plessinger 98 $800 Running
17. (2) #2P Jeff Robinson 97 $780 Running
18. (21) #100 C.S. Fitzgerald 97 $750 Running
19. (10) #24 Nathan Durboraw 93 $700 Tire
20. (12) #05 Roy Deese Jr. 80 $700 Ignition
21. (11) #7 Charlie Schaffer 57 $700 Running
22. (13) #21F Booper Bare 48 $700 Vibration
23. (14) #119 Jim Bernheisel 48 $700 Handling
24. (23) #44 Richard Irwin 43 $750 Handling
25. (22) #76 Doug Burkholder 9 $750 Transmission
26. (15) #40 Marvin Winters 5 $700 Accident

TIME OF RACE: 53 Mins.
YELLOW FLAGS: Four-Laps 5,26,29,46
LAP LEADERS: Two-Andrews 1-9,Stuhler 10-100
PROVISIONAL STARTERS: Irwin,Conley,Plessinger,Workman
OUTERWEARS CO. "Hard Charger of the Race": Conley
FAST QUALIFIER: Shaver 19.652 secs.
BORLA EXHAUST Heat Race Winners: Shaver,Stuhler,Frank,Andrews
SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE Heat Race Bonus Winner: None
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash Winner: Andrews
PRO SHOCKS "B" Main Winner: Balzano

Qualifying: 1)#30 Steve Shaver 19.625; 2)#E1 Mike Balzano 19.770; 3)#25A
Andy Anderson 19.802; 4)#42 Todd Andrews 19.832; 5)#99 Donnie Moran 19.861;
6)#2P Jeff Robinson 19.911; 7)#70J D.J. Myers 19.954; 8)#7 Charlie Schaffer
20.018; 9)#46 Brent Smith 20.093; 10)#19 Gary Stuhler 20.098; 11)#44
Richard Irwin 20.122; 12)#32L Greg Lucas 20.156; 13)#0 Davey Johnson
20.230; 14)#77 Les Hare 20.245; 15)#1* Chub Frank 20.248; 16)#1M Jeremy
Miller 20.299; 17)#01 Rodney Franklin 20.321; 18)#24 Nathan Durboraw
20.411; 19)#119 Jim Bernheisel 20.461; 20)#40 Marvin Winters 20.572; 21)#05
Roy Deese Jr. 20.592; 22)#33 Aaron Scott 20.634; 23)#47 Mark Elksnis
20.664; 24)#25W David Williams 20.664; 25)#71C R.J. Conley 20.673; 26)#21F
Booper Bare 20.718; 27)#17 Lance Elson 20.722; 28)#1 Rodney Combs 20.729;
29)#100 C.S. Fitzgerald 20.803; 30)#41 Buck Tomblin 20.804; 31)#76 Doug
Burkholder 20.810; 32)#34 Rick Workman 20.864; 33)#19J Jeff Shepard 20.944;
34)#9 Frankie Plessinger 20.975; 35)#F45 Russ Frohnapfel 20.977; 36)#25
Ernie Davis 21.328; 37)#W7 Thomas Ware 21.600; 38)#80 Bryan Durig 21.663;
39)#51 Jesse Sheckler 21.800; 40)#FOUR Alan Sagi NT; 41)#RG3 Bob Salathe NT

BORLA EXHAUST Heat #1: Shaver,Johnson,Moran,Deese Jr.,Smith,
Franklin,Fitzgerald,Shepard,Salathe,Conley,Ware (Top 4 advance to feature)
BORLA EXHAUST Heat #2: Stuhler,Robinson,Durboraw,Bare,Balzano,
Scott,Plessinger,Tomblin,Durig,Hare (Top 4 advance to feature)
BORLA EXHAUST Heat #3: Frank,Myers,Anderson,Bernheisel,Burkholder,
Irwin,Elksnis,Scheckler,Elson,Frohnapfel (Top 4 advance to feature)
Lucas (Top 4 advance to feature)
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash: Andrews,Robinson,Shaver,Moran,Myers,
Anderson (Finish determines first three rows of feature)
PRO SHOCKS "B" Main: Balzano,Franklin,Smith,Scott,Williams,Fitzgerald,
Hare,Ware (Top 6 advance to feature)

20-LAP LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN FEATURE: 1, Wayne Walls, Jr.; 2. Darryl
Burkholder; 3. Robert Friese; 4. Daryl Kendall; 5. Devin Friese; 6. Richard
Walls; 7. Barry Miller; 8. Mike Walls; 9. Richard Clipp; 10. Donnie Farlling;
11. Travis Beaver; 12. Thomas Deavers; 13. Scott Palmer; 14. George Farlling;
15. Per\te Weaver; 16. Kenneth Day.

15-LAP PURE STOCK FEATURE: 1. Kenny Dillon; 2. Eugene Conlee; 3. Jim Snyder;
4. Phil Madagan; 5. Bill Funk; 6. Smokey Pharo; 7. Hans Stamberg; 8. Rick
Stouffer Jr.; 9. Jeff Bennett; 10. Bruce Leibowitz; 11. Bill Ecton Jr.; 12.
Mark Shaw; 13. Kirk Evans; 14. Ronnie Dennis; 15. Tyler Horton; 16. Andrew
Frustaci; 17. Dave Rice Jr.; 18. Dave Mikolajski.

Brian Miller; 3. Eric Mellott; 4. Dean Holmes; 5. Andy Holmes; 6. Marcus Van
Metter; 7. Larry Baker; 8. Tiffany Shoemaker; 9. Robert Holmes; 10. Ashley
Gordon; 11. Keith Bass Jr.; 12. Billy Ecton Jr.