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                Driver Profile

Brandon Kinzer


by Darin Stewart


(Allen Kentucky) Twenty-one year oldís generally arenít known for great decision making. However, young Brandon Kinzer has made one recently that may forward his racing career. Instead of continuing to follow the Hav-A-Tampa circuit, the youngster made the decision to scale back his program in early August and has seen the benefits almost immediately.

        Following a tumultuous early season which saw the formation of a two-car team with Marshall Green, and the disbanding of that as well, the attitude toward racing changed. Following the change back to a one-car team, Kinzer then hired 3-Time World 100 Winner Larry Moore as a Consultant/Crew Chief. While things initially looked better, they eventually faded under the leadership of Moore. Unfortunately, a mutual parting of ways occurred in early August. " Weíre still on good terms with Larry and would like to thank him for the effort he put forth, but it just didnít work out. We are fortunate that our familyís business allows us to race like this, but we have to keep and eye on financial matters, and it just didnít makes sense to be out there." said Jerry Kinzer, Brandonís father. After making a total of 4 Hav-A-Tamps features in his rookie year, Kinzer decided it was time to head home. " With our location, we can run lots of races within 200-250 miles from home, and have a lot better chance to compete. We were just stretching ourselves too thin, trying to run all over the place, when where we should be is running around home. I realize that we got in over our heads with the HAT deal, but I would like to do it again in the right situation. We got to the point we spent all of our time catching up, instead of trying to get faster. The whole idea of running that series is to gain experience, however without us making many features, we werenít getting any seat time. So we decided to scale back and see what happens around home." says the personable Kinzer. Since Kinzer has stepped back, there have been success, with multiple top-fiveís, and a pair of third place finishes at Thunder Ridge Raceway in Prestonsburg Kentucky. The Warrior Race Car that Kinzer drives is sponsored by Alert Oil & Gas, Kinzer Drilling Company ,AFCO Racing Products, Layne Brothers Ford, VP Racing Fuels, Commonwealth Chiropractic Center, Fel-Pro Gaskets, Red Line Oil, Custom Craft Headers, JAM Motorgraphics, Cizmar Rivets, True Speed Fastwear.com, and DMS Racing Promotions, and is powered by Ernie Elliott Ford Motors.

        Along with the scaled back racing program, comes increased duties at the families business Kinzer Drilling. Kinzer Drilling is a natural gas drilling company based in Allen and Pikeville Kentucky. "Right now, I am a well-tender, which basically means, I am overseeing what goes on at one of our wells, in Eastern Kentucky" says Kinzer. Additionally, the week after the Dream 100 in June, Brandon also made another step in his maturation process by proposing to his girlfriend Moriah, and the couple are busy planning a November wedding.

        All in all this is one youngster who has made some decisions that are looking like the right ones for him. Hopefully, in time things will work out for the Brandon Kinzer Motorsports team, and the situation will be right for them to once again travel the highways in search of big-dollar races, and they will know what it takes to accomplish their goals.